Naoden (France)

NAODEN develops and sells micro-power plants for electricity and heat production, designed for industrials, farmers, and local communities. The production of power and heat locally is done by converting wood waste into bio-syngas through wood waste gasification. The gasifier is loaded with wood chips with simplified specifications which permit to maintain a lower cost.

NAODEN proposes plug-and-play installations adaptable to each project with their modular design. The manufacturing take place in NAODEN's workshop in the west of France. NAODEN aims to promote the energetic transition all over the world through our offer of decentralized energy production units. NAODEN believes that waste recycling represent an effective manner to make our planet cleaner and ensure our energy needs all at once!


Imperium is a biomass CHP plant that we have developed in different power range. Today we are offering two plants, the first is a micro plant with 30 kW electrical and 60 kW thermal and the second is a 100kW electrical and 220 kW thermal.








Nantes, 44100, France

Founders Érik MOUILLÉ

Year founded


Company size

11 employees


Energy, electricity, heat, biomass, waste products, energetic transition, collectivity

#Collaborativeeconomy #waste #Energy #Ecocity

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