Euglena (Japan)

The Japanese firm Euglena has been cultivating a type of algae called Euglena for use in food and cosmetics. But it sees a range of other potential uses for it.

Using Euglena for human, animal food and cosmetic.

Euglena algae are rich in protein and other nutrients. The algae contains vitamins and minerals found in vegetables and Omega-3s, DHA and EPA often found in fish. Euglena developped Euglena-based products, such as supplement, destinated for human consumption.

Moreover, the dried algae have a high potential as an animal feed and fish feed. Use of Euglena in aquaculture in particular has been researched for a long period and is known to increase the survival rate of young fish.

In addition, oils extracted from Euglena found many uses in cosmetics.

Expanding the production to biofuel.

The oil extracted and refined from Euglena happens to be well suited to be refined in to kerosene compared to other algal oils. The company is now aiming to produce 33,000 gallons of jet fuel a year from Japan's first algae biofuel refinery, partnering with top Japanese airline ANA (ALNPY)."Everyone says it's crazy the first time they hear the idea," said Euglena's founder, Mitsuru Izumo. But "in terms of science and technology ... it's a very simple idea," he added. Construction of euglena's pilot algae biofuel plant in Yokohama started in 2017. The new plant, which carries a 5.8 billion yen price tag, should at term produce 125 kilo-liters of algae biofuel a year.



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