Entomo Farm (France)

Entomo Farm, based in France, is a society specialized in the farming, transformation and distribution of organic products obtained from insect farming. With an exponential demand for animal protein, insect-based farming become a valuable, economical and ecological way of producing proteins. Entomo farm produces flour, oil and organic products obtained from insect farming. The society aim lead the market with the increasing demand for aquaculture, beef, pork, poultry production, and also pet foods.

Entomo Farm is fostering a unique farming system in the world based on a collaboration between farming sites. To ensure the reproduction and growth of a large quantity of insects, the production is delocalized across various sites, which earn benefits from the culture. This unique strategy ensures both economical performance and ecological durability. Entomo Farm also build transformation sites, such as the 4000 m2 site located in Libourne in south France, dedicated to the transformation of insect-based raw materials.



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