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WOHA is an architecture studio that follows Singapore-based architectural practices founded by Wong Mun Summ and Richard Hassell in 1994. These practices gained global recognition for their integration of environmental and social principles at every stage of the design process. WOHA has been designing numerous innovative and highly influential projects, which have been built in a number of cities and countries, and their best-known projects have been widely publicised as benchmarks for sustainable design.

WOHA’s built projects range from residential towers, hotels and public housing to transportation hubs and institutional buildings, and they have proposed many schemes that integrate several, if not every, building type within one structure. In a process they describe as ‘Macro-Architecture Micro-Urbanism’, WOHA have increasingly focused upon designing buildings as integrated mini-cities, which regenerate the greater urban context by providing environments that are both sustainable and sociable.

The form and appearance of WOHA’s architecture is always guided by the local context and culture, and above all, by the local climatic conditions, which determine every energy-saving strategy. In order to revitalise their urban environments, WOHA’s structures are designed to harmonise with and incorporate natural ecosystems, and to proactively encourage self-sufficient cities, which will have no need for the destructive use of artificial energy.



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