HomeBioGas (Israel)

Homebiogas is a biotechnology Company in Israel with a brilliant product, a small size system which converts food and animal waste into clean, green biogas for cooking and liquid fertilizer. It brings off-the-grid, compact, and user-friendly waste-to-energy into the backyard.

According to the company, HomeBiogas is an appliance which is 100% off grids, so it does not require any electricity. HomeBioGas can be placed in the backyard, and after a 2-4 "activation" of the bacteria community living there, the system can converts food leftovers and animal manure into biogas that can be used for cooking, as well as natural fertilizer for the garden. It is really a nice use-case of fundamental ecological knowledge for energy production which can impact the life of small communities. We also see it as a way of creating shared values among residents.

The main product of HomeBioGas is quite popular, compatible with both rural and peri-urban lifestyles it answer the needs of a wide audience.

Here in Cell City Hub, we envision it could be implemented in residential buildings of urban areas for recycling compost, then used for common gardens. Of the many people we encountered in conferences, many of them were sensitive to composting, but can't do it because of the lack of a system in their residence. HomeBioGas answer this need.



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Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/homebiogas/

More details: Year founded 2010 Company size 11-50 employees

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