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Production of wealth

Cell-City boost the economy by building new urban areas, generating expertise in new technologies, creating jobs. Local economy is boost, and durable. 

Evolvable & resilient

Because urban environments change over time, they must be evolvable. But cities must also be resilient on the long-term, and resist weather events. In these regards, Cell-cities are modulable, as mix building allow to adapt with demands, and designed and located to resist climate. 

Green Techs

Cell-City integrates the use of green tech and other innovative technologies to ensure that energy production, consumption, and the waste recycling, are optimized.

High living standards

The design of Cell-City ensures an excellent standard of living, in a pleasant and safe living environment. Access to free education and free health care is a first priority. Access to working places, facilities and hobbies is facilitated by the design of the city. In addition, we place the citizens at the heart of local decisions using smart technologies. These aspects will nurture a responsible and healthy society.

Cell-City Objectives
  • Affordable eco-friendly housing.



  • 100% renewable energies and smart energy/water supply grids.

  • Compact infrastructures for increased access and networking.

  • Evolvable, modulable, infrastructures or uses to adapt to changing demands.

  • IoT (information networking and resource monitoring).

  • Free working spaces (conference rooms, etc.).

  • No individual motorized transport within the city.

  • Intelligent automated car service for aged people and people with reduced mobility.

  • Electric and safe transports for public transport and fret transport.

  • Every spot of the city accessible within 10 minutes by public transport or walk.

Social Aspects:

  • Citizen-driven decision making using communication technologies, in order to increase the involvement of citizens in the political aspects and decisional process of the community.

  • Unique way of working (salary for all citizens, short-term missions to adapt to specific needs at the city-level, etc.).

  • Free education with high-level standards

  • ​Urban agriculture & promotion of ecological consciousness.

  • Reduced materials and food waste  through intelligent supply and use

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