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Discover La Ruche qui dit Oui!, a digital networking platform fostering local production and collaborative consumption.

Learn about Ynsect Farm, a society based in France specialized in insect farming for aquaculture and pet food production.

Entomo Farm, based in France, is a society specialized in organic products obtained from insect farming.

Agriloops is developing the first marine farm on land, mixing crustaceans, fishes and vegetables production. This innovative prototype is under construction and production should is planned for 2020. This unique aquaponic culture system will allow a...

Learn about Masdar, the energy company leading the construction of the Masdar city, an unique example of Eco-city located in the desert of the United Arab Emirates.

Learn about NEDO, one of the top agency in Japan leading the technology development and R&D projects that will lead the energetic transition.

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