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Greenjoy Co., Ltd was built to provide environmentally friendly natural straws to the community and to raise people's awareness about plastic waste as well as create job opportunity for local people in the Mekong Delta region. Through our products, G...

Discover ANALYTICA, a consultancy business which uses behavioural sciences to help set up more efficient plans and strategies.

Homebiogas is a biotechnology Company in Israel with a brilliant product, a small size system which converts food and animal waste into clean, green biogas for cooking and liquid fertilizer.

Water saving systems are invaluable to promote a more sustainable future. See how Ecogams products answer the needs for water saving.

Ecolodis is a BtoB and BtoC company, specialized in solar off grid equipments in France and Western Africa. Ecolodis sells via Internet innovative solutions to produce, store and use energy everywhere.

Euglena is a Japanese firm that has been cultivating a type of algae called Euglena for use in food and cosmetics, and more recently biofuels.

Power Ledger is a world leading entity of the peer-to-peer distribution of solar energy. Learn more on our website!

eLichens enables individuals and industries to monitor their environment quality which has direct impact on ones health and well being.

Today Cell-City Hub introduce Mini green power, a French company that develops, sell, and maintain small biomass-based power generators.

EcoTree designs citizen-specific investment plan in forestry. They sell and plant tree, and give back 100% of the tree cut benefits to the land owners.

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