Cell-City is a concept of a network of resilient and evolvable smart-cities which ensure an excellent quality of living for its residents. 
Our dream
The 4 pillars of Cell-City

Production of wealth

The Cell-City should be economically efficient to encourage governments and industrials to invest. Smart cities have been shown to boost the local economy in the short and long run. 


Evolvable and resilient

Because urban environments change over time, smart cities should be evolvable. In these regards, Cell-city should be designed to be modulable, using mix buildings which enable to adapt with demands. 


Green Techs

Cell-City integrates the use of green tech and other innovative technologies to ensure that the energy production, consumption, distribution, and recycling, are optimized.


High living standards

The design of Cell-City should ensure an excellent standard of living, in a pleasant and safe living environment. Access to free education and free health care is our first priority. Access to working places, facilities and hobbies should be downscaled to walking distance thanks to the design of the city. In addition, citizens should be placed at the heart of local decisions using smart technologies. These aspects will nurture the responsible and healthy society of the future.

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Our R&D concept is inspired from the biology of living cells.
Cells are made of modules of various functions: energy production,  transport, decision-making process. They make a good model of how our cities should be: efficient, included in a network, resilient to urban sprawl, productive, eco-friendly, and evolvable. 
Why smart-cities?

10 billions people are expected by 2055. This is 3 more billions people to house, feed and educate. The need for new, eco-friendly and smart cities has never been so strong. 


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