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Cell City Hub

A transition toward a sustainable economy and resilient society is of paramount importance in the current context of climate change, population increase, and the increased vulnerability of the environment.


To sustain this transition, we nurture a collective willingness to develop low carbon, small scales cities that can offer best living environments practices while being almost autonomous. Cell City Hub is our bluemap for a hub of industrial production practices and social services working in synergy within a local bioeconomical framework.


Our action is divided in 3 categories.


First, we are looking for the best industrial practices with low-carbon or small scale local production. We invite these entreprises to showcase their innovative solutions on our website read by more than 20 000 each year. Our expanding network of investors, entrepreneurs, enterprises, NGOs, and so on might interest you.


Second, we participate in international conferences such as Innovation Cool Earth Forum (Japan, each year), or World Smart City Summits to advocate for novel systems. Thanks to us, a few of our showcased enterprises have successfully found new investors, or were brought to the public attention.


Third, with our group of experts, ranging from architects to engineers and scientific institutions, we are developing a blueprint for a 10 000 people-city to build the low carbon, autonomous city of tomorrow. 

Our vision

By 2050, more than 80 % of the world population will live in urban areas. Our society will then face severe various issues and it is crucial that the urban environment become part of the solution and not part of the problem. 


60% of the area expected to be urban by 2050 remains to be built. These cities can leapfrog historical urbanization approaches and take the opportunity to design new urban areas, prioritizing resources to low-carbon, resilient, efficient, and climate-smart investments.


Our long-term vision is to develop a synergistic - low carbon - resilient - city model for 10 000 people, which production lines are interconnected for an increased efficiency and 0 wastes. An eco-friendly city designed with both low-and new techs, and a lot of common sense, to ensure resilience and sustainability. Cell city is our project name.


Our R&D concept is inspired from the biology of living cells. Cells are made of modules of various functions: energy production,  transport, decision-making process. They make a good model of how our cities should be: efficient, embedded in a network, resilient to urban sprawl, productive, eco-friendly, and evolvable.

To win the citizen'heart, we propose a salary for life, free-healthcare system, guaranteed housing, social equity, and many other advantages to make Cell Cities desirable.



About us

Our non-profit organization is managed by a team of experts with expertise in various fields. Architecture, IT, Civil Engineering, Management, Academic Research, Ecology, Finance, ... 

Meet our people here



We are looking for your contribution to push forward our initiative, please consider helping us by

 - Sharing this website

 - Follow our twitter account  @_Cellcity  

-  Make a donation. To do so, please contact us directly. 





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