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Cellcityhub is a non-profit group created in 2014 for brainstorming around resilience. 

Our first objective: showcasing technical or social innovations already contributing to resilience. We are interested in existing low energy and small-scale production units for local territories. Solutions are here.

Our second objective: we are developing a bluemap for a low carbon city "Cellcity", a 10 000 inhabitants inspired from the biological systems: resilient, networked, intelligent. The city focuses on local production and consumption, connected in networks of cities, and covers all basic needs for citizens. Governance system and local money are also discussed.

To promote the above, w
e have been participating in international conferences through Europe and Japan to discuss with multiple partners, businesses and politicians.


Cell city Hub

Networked resilient cities

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Recent news

Jan 11, 2022

Low carbon society: how ?

It has becoming clear that any talks about green finance is taking us toward highly ressources demanding and unsustainable chain of supplies. Low carbon is key. We closed 2021 by exploring how to develop or transform cities.


by Arno Germond


July  08, 2019

Urban resilience needs more examples!

Urban resilience is our top priority to achieve a sustainable future. See how the city of MASDAR shows us the way and what challenges remain to be achieved. 


by Iron


October 11, 2019

It's a wrap! ICEF 6th

This year again, we have joined the very select, international conference of Innovation Cool Earth Forum, in Tokyo, Japan. We have met with COEs, Investors, NGOs, and politicians to discuss resilience and finance.


by Arno Germond

Cellcityhub - Greenjoy.jpg

January 14, 2019

A green alternative to straws!

We have recently showcased GREENJOY, a company from Vietnam that makes cheap, good looking straw from plants. An alternative that surely deserve to find its way to your country!


by Jasmine Aziz

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